Coal Powered Steam Locomotive

Welcome to the Great Northern & Cascade Railway

The town of Skykomish is developing the Town Center Project. A large portion of this project includes the building of a 7 1/2" guage Live Steam Railroad and related facilities. This project is funded as part of the settlement of the damages to the Town sustained by the huge oil spill which took place during the Steam Era of the Great Northern Railroad.

The railroad has been named: The Great Northern & Cascade Railway. The town has permission to use the now-familiar logo of the Great Northern Railroad, the "billy-goat-on-a-rock" circular emblem. The GN&C Railway will offer free train rides to the public as well as a railroad education program. Opening day for the operation of the GN&C will be the first Saturday in May! The Railroad will operate weekends during the summer. By opening day the last 400 feet of track to complete the first figure "8" loop of track will be completed, and will be over 2000 feet in length. When completed, the railroad will have over one mile of track, and have facilities to store member's equipment which may be used at any time by them.

The GN&C Railway has already purchased one locomotive (2-6-0) and ten riding cars. Others have already volunteered to provide other locomotives and rolling stock to fill out operational requirements.

In order to operate this railroad, a volunteer organization was formed, the "Great Northern & Cascade Railway". The Great Northern & Cascade Ralway is a Washington State Non-Profit Charity. Members of this organization will be in operational control of all of the aspects of the railroad. This will include the operation of the trains, building of additional track, turntable, and steam-up areas, construction of railroad equipment storage and support buildings, crowd management. All of the above construction will be financed from existing funds or donations received from operations.

No experience in any aspect of Live Steam Railroading is required. We require all members to have a NMRA membership, which is $44 per year. Once you have your NMRA membership card, our membership is $5 per year with a one time $5 setup fee. The NMRA requirement is so that all members will be covered by the NMRA liability insurance for club member, and it is mandatory that all members be NMRA members. Please see our up comming membership page for more details.

If you are interested, please email Lloyd Albin at, or call and leave a message at (360) 282-6676 so that you can be notified of the time and place of an organizational meeting planned in the near future.